LightAgents was conceived 5 years ago in Ottawa, Ontario (CANADA) as a project to unify the planet within mind-body-spirit.

The core team has been involved in mind-body-spirit for 20 years and have applied dozens of Modalities to their own personal lives. They have collectively discovered that healing comes from within and all Modalities involve healing oneself. The team also discovered that there is a wealth of information and people in mind-body-spirit that can have a profound positive effect on our global health and wellness however, the information and people are limited to circles of people who already know.

As such, the team envisioned a global online presence that would disseminate information and would be inherently multilingual, communal and subdomain based. In addition, the online presence would not employ Google Ads, would not require sign up to access and would be supported by minimal annual membership fees in conjunction with contributions from the community.

In following these guiding principles, LightAgents was born as a unique social network of country specific sites - and a unifying International site - to allow people to help people through mind-body-spirit. In turn, members gain exposure and are afforded a voice to further the Modalities and Topics they are passionate about using their collective knowledge and experiences.

We welcome and look forward to your community sign up, your shares and your involvement as an "Agent of Light".

The LightAgents Team

Nik, Andrea, Chris & Bowser