Homicity for Business.

Grow your market.

Welcome to Homicity for business, the next generation platform and search engine for the home and real estate industry.

Essentially, we’ve built a tool that enables you to grow, market and create brand awareness around your business. It’s just the beginning, but we’re on track to become the world's largest network for everything home and everyone knows with rapid expansion you’re either behind the growth or in front of it. Start today by adding your business and solidifying your spot within the industry in order to connect with your existing, future and target consumers.

Real Estate Agents, Brokerages and Boards

Join our North American Real Estate Search today and Homicity will enable you to connect with potential home renters and buyers. Simply create an account, connect your user ID and password and you’re off to the races. Once you’re up and running you can upload high resolution photos, add mortgage brokers to your listing and connect contractors to help sell your home.

Trades and Professional Services

We’ve created a unique platform to help businesses and consumers connect through “build your team” and we’re offering you the tools to help build and market your business successfully online. Start today and connect with industry professionals to build your network of consumers who are looking for your products and services.

Mortgage Brokers, Banks and Credit Unions

Homicity has built a North American Mortgage Marketplace to help educate potential home owners of the various mortgage products, services and rates available to the public all while providing businesses such as yours the opportunity to compete to win their business. Add your mortgage company to showcase how you can help and demonstrate what it is that sets you apart from the competition.

Home Builders and Developers

Our North American real estate search encompasses not only resale listings, but new homes and developments as well. We’re giving the tools to consumers to bookmark and compare all types of properties in one place. Add your developments today to market your new home and condo development.

Retirement Homes

An all encompassing home search includs all types of living types such as retirement homes, nursing homes, mature living, assisted living, log term care, independent living, seniors apartments and supportive housing. Add your company today and connect with seniors looking for mature living.

Retail and Wholesale

If you’ve got a retail or wholesale business, our home services directory is here to connect you with consumers and help you market your products and services. Create your online store today and start marketing what consumers and businesses are searching for.

Utilities and Telecom

At Homicity, it’s all about providing consumers with the tools necessary to run and operate their home in the most efficient way. Showcase products, services and deals to connect consumers and business manage their home, business and services.

Municipalities and Government

We’ve created the tools necessary to make it easy for consumers and businesses to connect with municipal and government programs and it starts from the top. Showcase what’s available in local marketplaces to help consumers access available tools and programs.

Associations and Boards.

At Homicity, we believe in transparency, which is why we believe every association should verify businesses claiming to be part of an association or board. We give you the power to verify each account that has said they’re a member. Join today to create a transparent marketplace for consumers to feel safe when hiring a home pro.