Did you know...

Most people agree that taking care of your mouth, teeth and gum is absolutely essential.
Yet 67% of people do a bad job maintaining their oral health which causes:

  • An increase in cavities
  • An increase in tooth loss
  • An increase in dental care costs
  • A reduction in quality life

It costs on average $1,000 annually in dental treatment for people with poor oral health. Let's take a closer look at some statistics.

Fun Facts

50% of people

...consider the smile the first facial feature they notice.

Bushing + Flossing

...pays off. Look at how this can affect your average annual dental expenditures.

Brushing Frequency

Bushing 1x per day

50% reduction in tooth loss.

Bushing 2x per day

70% reduction in tooth loss.

Oral Hygience Habits


50% Reduction

...in tooth loss. Are you going to simply rely on brushing your teeth? Think again, you need some backup.

Brushing + Flossing

60% Reduction

...in tooth loss. If you brush + floss, this is a much better deal. The question remains, can you do better?What does your dentist think?

Brushing + Flossing + Annual Cleaning

70% Reduction

...in tooth loss. These 3 activities can dramatically improve your oral health and lead you to success.

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