The Dentastic Team

Dentastic's diverse, talented team engages users to improve overall oral hygiene and empowers users to enjoy the benefits of healthier teeth and gums. We work hard to bring you the most accurate, interactive and enjoyable experience that mobile applications can provide to bring you to your ultimate goal.

Thomas Nguyen

Founder and CEO

Thomas is a dentist who has received his dental degree from the University of Montreal. Soon after graduation, he completed a residency at the Eastman Institute of Oral Health to further his training. His drive and passion for research pushed him to pursue a Master of Science degree at McGill University. Currently, Thomas is completing his specialization in periodontology and implantology at the University of Minnesota. He has received numerous awards, scholarships, and published various articles, as well as textbook chapters. Driven by helping his patients’ well-being and creating a positive impact in dentistry, Thomas aims to push his profession forward as a clinician, a scientist, and as a prolific entrepreneur.

Chris Soueidan

Co-Founder and Head of Design

As an artist at heart, Chris is focused on delivering messages and ideas thru a simple and innovative design. His sense of style has evolved from the freehand pen and paper illustrations to a vibrant and effective vector of design. As a Mechanical Engineering graduate from McGill University, he has pursued a career in management at Otis while keeping his love for design very close as he founded Loogart Design in 2011. Since then, he has secured contracts and worked with various well-known companies to include: Starbucks Coffee, Movember Canada, Otis Elevator, Dagwoods, MTL Blog, RDS, TSN, 25Stanley, FlexEDGE Solutions, and Canada's Motorcycle.

Kat Boddy

Co-Founder and Head of Development

Kat is a skilled mathematician who has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Soon after her graduation, she moved toward programming for various e-learning and social gaming software companies. From that point on, her curiosity shifted completely as she became interested in backend development. Her previous jobs include working with Amazon EC2, Digital Ocean virtual machines, Linux servers (Ubuntu and Red Hat / Fedora), database administration (MySQL and PostgreSQL), Java EE development – MVC, and Service Oriented Architecture. She has successfully managed multiple teams, trained younger staff, and was a liaison between business/marketing departments, as well as R&D.

Chris Hoareau

Co-Founder and Head of Business Strategy

Combining the study of Health Sciences and Management, Christopher has the strong desire to champion initiatives in the health system and tackle its everyday challenges. Chris graduated from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, where he majored in marketing and strategic management. Prior to McGill, he obtained his Bachelor’s in Microbiology. He thoroughly enjoys public speaking, startup & entrepreneurship, and social media.

John Syrbu

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

John is a dentist, author and illustrator. After receiving his dental degree from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, John completed a residency at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System. He currently resides and practice in the Twin Cities. John authored and illustrated several titles, including The Complete Pre-Dental Guide to Modern Dentistry, intended for students interested in pursuing a career in dentistry and a collection of his cartoons in Dental Art & Humor. John is excited to join the Dentastic team in order to promote oral hygiene in a fun and innovative way.

Jacqueline Trinh

Specialist in Human Resources

From her need for speed to her love for coding, Jackie is known to get involved in various types of fields. Even after receiving her Bachelor's degree from UCLA, Jackie strongly believes that you never stop learning and should take everything in life as an opportunity. Known as the fashionista working in tech, you can find Jackie at the mall making new connections and finding inventory for her online fashion store. She's an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys challenging herself. Her experiences in sales, human resources, and marketing/PR have made her passionate about interacting with people. Currently, she’s working for Oracle in regards to SaaS and PaaS for HR. She’s developed an extensive insight on enterprise and higher education market trends, as well as the importance of recruiting top talent.

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