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Commercial property transactions streamlined.

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Looking to buy or rent a commercial property? Create your buyer or leaser profiles and Commecca will match your needs with the right properties. You can create as many profiles as you need within your account.

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Do you have a commercial property you are looking to sell or lease? Having a hard time finding potential buyers or renters? List your properties on Commecca and you will generate solid leads based on continously growing buyer and leaser profiles. Your listing will find a match daily.

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3 Exclusive Listings

Promote your listing by disclosing relevant information without compromising your identity or the one of your client. When Commecca finds a potential buyer, you will have the choice to connect with them and you will always maintain control of the information you divulge.

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Commecca will work behind the scenes to match your commercial property needs to the right people with no hassle. We want to facilitate the transaction and make it ultra-efficient.

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