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Deficiency Management Software

A deficiency management platform used by residential home builders to minimize the financial risks associated with construction related defects.

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Deficiency Management made easy

or not

With BuildMetric, homeowners can identify possible deficiencies and submit photos of them to home builders for review. Home builders then easily determine which deficiencies are warrantied and notifying the right trades for repair.

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calendar view

With BuildMetric’s calendar view you can see at-a-glance all of the schedules, warranty dates and activities being performed across your sites. No better way to efficiently organize the use of your contractors and onsite time.

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30 days? 60 days? 1 year?
Configure and set your own warranty notifications based on timing of your choice. Never miss another critical warranty period and always get your inpections done on time.

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Using BuildMetric, Home builders no longer need to maintain separate systems for CRM, punchlist creation, email management, and more. Purpose-built for home builders, BuildMetric has all the functionality you need in one easy to use solution.

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Identify repeat
offeners fast

BuildMetric combines a unique rating system with powerful analytics to help you identify important trends such as top deficiency types, most problematic materials, or worst performing subcontrators.

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Homeowners are increasingly demanding a line of sight into the status and progress of their build as well as their build deficiency fixes. Using BuildMetric, builders can more efficiently communicate with their customers by enabling access to a custom portal for their build.

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