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Global Affairs Canada employees often have many ideas which, using the right technology, could benefit the department in significant ways. Often times these ideas are never fully explored, primarily because employees do not have a means to expand on their ideas.

For IM/IT, all projects, big or small, run through the same intake process. As a result, smaller projects rarely come to fruition because of the demands of larger, more complex projects being supported. Projects deemed as disruptive, different or innovative rarely succeed in the SID Intake process because they do not appear to be as important as other, more streamlined proposals.

As a result, the department misses out on a significant amount of potential knowledge employees hold for enhancing core business lines. SID wants to maximize the knowledge of its departmental staff, no matter their location, by creating an environment for prototyping, incubating and deploying an innovative idea to product.


A virtual “store-front” of user friendly tools where GAC employees can begin exploring a potential idea at their desk. The Self-Serve Hub will be located on the @International Wiki, and have links to available tools, including: Prototype Mockup tools, Data Visualization Tools, Mind Mapping, Evaluation/Analysis Tools and User requested applications.


SID will provide a team of Innovation Technicians for 2-4 weeks to develop a working prototype for deeper analysis. The Incubation team will:


SID will maximize a fast-track delivery model to advance a functioning prototype to final product. The model would include:

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