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Ready to build a Prototype?

The InnoLAB Team can work with you to develop an advanced prototype of your concept. We will design a prototype for you to evaluate with your intended audience. Assuming your prototype meets certain criteria, we will launch it for all in Global Affairs Canada to access.

Prototype Criteria

In order for us to build a prototype of your concept, please note our criteria:

  1. The concept focuses on digital innovation by either improving or creating a departmental challenge through the use of technology
  2. The concept demonstrates clear benefits to the intended audience
  3. The client has a project champion at Director level and above
  4. The total cost for development is less than $50,000 CDN
  5. The client provides a minimum of 20% investment to prototype the concept and if successful, complete it for department distribution
  6. Prototype development must be completed within 100 days
  7. There are no risks to the Global Affairs Canada Network
  8. There is an approach for addressing issues related to privacy
  9. The client is will deploy an evaluation instrument to the intended audience with support by the InnoLAB team
  10. Client may coordinate proposal for funds through the GAC Big Ideas Fund in addition to what may be provided

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